3 Unique Ways to Make More Money

Everyone wants more money. Ask someone if they’ll take your winning lottery ticket and I’m sure you know what answer you’ll get. That’s the problem though. People don’t just want, they wish.

Well today is your lucky day. No, I can’t grant your wish of more money. However, I might be able to give you the treasure map. So listen up, and you might be on your way to your own lottery ticket.

Everyone’s heard of the standard investments: stocks, bonds, real estate. They are great and if you haven’t learned about them, I would suggest you start. But in order to become truly wealthy its important to not just know about them, but to be passionate about them.

So let’s find your passion. Here are 3 investing/money-making ideas that you may not have thought of, but certainly should consider:

1.  Licensing

No your not going to sell licenses at your local DMV. That is not what I mean. When you license a product, it means you own the rights to a logo or cartoon character. Its how Walt Disney made a fortune of a mouse. He sold people the rights to use his mouse on their t-shirts, cartoon shows, etc.

If you want, you can come up with your own. However you can also just buy the rights to someone else’s creation and then market it better. A Belgian cartoonist created a comic strip about small little blue people. An American business man got the rights for it in America and everyone found out who the Smurfs were. That guy made a lot of money.

2.  Tax Lien certificates

Local governments need money to pay the salaries of police, firefighters, etc. How do they get this money? Property taxes. When someone can’t pay their property taxes the government puts a lien on their property. You can buy this lien, guaranteeing the government gets its money.

In return, the government guarantees you a hefty interest on your money (paid by the delinquent tax payer) or you get their property. This is the way some people buy houses for pennies on the dollar. It doesn’t matter how much the lien was for $500-1000, you get the house if they don’t pay you back in time.

If they do pay you back, it is many times at an interest rate of anywhere from 12-25%. Try getting that at your local bank. Even if you could the government wouldn’t guarantee it! Its a WIN-WIN situation.

3.  Network marketing

This is a topic that deserves its own article, but I wanted to mention it briefly because it is so powerful. Imagine a sales force of 100s of people underneath you. Going to work everyday, selling, and making you money.

This is how network marketing can work. You recruit other people to sell a product. In return you get a percentage of whatever they sell and a percentage of whatever the people they recruit sell. It really can be that easy.

So if you’ve become disinterested with the “standard” investment opportunities, here are 3 possibilities to REALLY get excited about. I’m actually going to go do some more research on each of these right now. Good luck!

How to Make Easy Money Online In A Short Time

Everyone wants to find ways to earn money and the thought of earning money online is very appealing to many people. There is something intriguing about being able to earn money by using your computer. Now the key is learning how to make easy money online in a short time.

There are several ways to bring extra money into your pocket which require that you do only a few things that take little time. One of these ways is through affiliate marketing which earns you commissions for sales you refer.

When you sign up with an affiliate program you are agreeing to advertise their product by various methods such as posting their links or products on your site, posting ads etc. The affiliate system is able to keep track of the customers who entered their online store or sales page by your referral link.They will then pay you a commission of what your “referred customers” bought on their visit to them.

Affiliate commissions with big online stores that sell physical products like Amazon range from 5-10% or even more of the sale. For digital products, some affiliate programs offer up to 75% or in special cases 100% commission!

An example of how you could make money with affiliate marketing is this: Imagine you have a website or web page giving reviews of car care products and you list your affiliate link which is selling auto cleaning products. Your readers are very likely to visit your merchant’s website. If they buy, then you get a cut of the sale!

On the other hand, if you were trying to advertise links to a baby food product on this site you will be guaranteed zero sales or close to it. Keeping relevance with your affiliate promotions is very important.

Once you have your site and affiliate links, you are ready to promote them.

There are many ways to get website traffic but some popular ways are writing articles and submitting them to directories with your website links in your resource box (also known as article marketing), video marketing (like article marketing but using videos and including your website link in your video description) and social marketing using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also pay for advertising to get traffic to your affiliate links which can result in instant traffic and sales. PPV and PPC are popular ways to get low-cost traffic immediately.

Dropshipping – Make More Money With eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping is definitely the new way to earn money with a home based business. Everybody buys products online nowadays and this way has become a very trustworthy, reliable, and convenient way of doing business.

Just two of the great advantages of dropshipping are:

  1. The simple fact that no money is required for the initial stock purchase and a very positive cash flow develops because the seller is paid immediately that the purchase ids made.
  2. Plus the usual method of payment is with a credit card so the strong advantage here is that for a period of time before the transaction is completed the seller has the buyer’s money in their own possession before they pay the wholesaler.

Most of the large dropshipping companies are based in the US and many of them have stores in various locations to make shipping both cheaper and quicker.

As this system has developed over the last few years with the tremendous expansion has created a complete new industry. An industry which unfortunately most of us are only to aware off when we visit our local shopping malls and see the vacant units. However this method of doing business was predicted long ago before computers even became the household tool that they are today.

Within just the last few years dropshipping computer software has developed that seamlessly integrate also social media websites such as eBay and Facebook with online customers.

  • A personalized packing slip may also be included by the wholesaler, indicating the retailer’s company name, logo, and/or contact information.
  • The Home based Business industry is expanding at an every growing pace and the dropshipping phenomenon is definitely helping it along, in fact Dropshipping as a way of making extra money is the greatest change that has ever happened in the retail business.
  • The fact that children can have at least one (and sometimes both) of their parents working from home can be a huge benefit to the children plus of course the fact that the parents cab also so earn so extra money at the same time is a tremendous benefit.

Even stores like Wal-mart and Amazon are heavily involved in the dropshipping business but as is often the case with companies of this size they both have very good reputations but the both work on very low profit (commission) rates. Often as low as 3 percent.

When you are dealing directly with a drop shipper the rate of commission can quite often be as high as 50% percent or more.

Even many traditional wholesale suppliers are also looking more closely at this method of business as they see the downturn of sales through traditional retail outlets.